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Strategy Coordinators (SC) and team members are urgently needed to make initial 2-year commitments to become the main advocates and strategists for entire unreached people groups or cities in order to initiate indigenous, multiplying church planting movements. Others will join the team for long term service as career or associate Strategy Coordinator/Church Planting Facilitators.

We'll train you and set you free to brainstorm, interact with other SC's, try new things, and raise up an army of prayer warriors, evangelists, church planting teams, trainers, and others He calls to the harvest!

The need is URGENT! You can be a KEY for an entire people group or city having access to the Gospel!

Serve OverseasA "Rapid Advance" Strategy Coordinator

After undergoing GTO long-term orientation in New York City, Strategy Coordinators (SC's) and team will spend 3 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 'Rapid Advance' training. During this time you will receive training in a mentored environment to equip you for the SC role. The training and support you will receive will include how to's of strategy, sharing your faith with nationals, learning to look for and recognize persons of peace, training in how to train national leaders, church planting and more! As an SC you will expectantly pray and plan for churches that multiply. You will also be encouraged to maintain your own vital walk with the Lord Jesus. As groups of new believers form you will find ways to encourage and train national leaders as the church begins to reproduce. Throughout your 2 year term you will be mentored and supervised and receive further training and equipping for the task.

After your initial 3 weeks in Chiang Mai you will move to your target area. Occasionally the SC temporarily lives in a nearby city that is already equipped to receive foreigners. You will study the national language throughout your 2-year term. While studying you will also engage in the work of an SC. From day one you will be actively working toward seeing the church established among your people or in your city, depending on what your specific target is. As an SC, you may also develop a team of 'rapid advancers' focusing on your population target. Alongside national workers and those from different countries and nationalities, you will influence the beginning of an indigenous church planting movement.

You will develop a masterplan to accomplish goals in five major areas: language and culture, prayer, finding and utilizing appropriate ministry resources, planning for and establishing reproducing churches, maintaining a personal walk with the Lord. In addition you will develop a profile of your target.

You will work with and be accountable to a mentor/supervisor who has been involved in SC'ing as you gain first-hand experience and knowledge of starting work in your target area. Daily, you can experience God at work in a mighty way through church planting strategies, prayer, worship and ministry.

Serve Overseas with GTOSC's need to not only be people of vision but also able to see vision realized. Words that describe an SC are: initiator, strategist, multiplier, person of prayer, pioneer, witness, discipler/trainer of others, church planter. A Rapid Advance SC is under direct supervision and needs to be comfortable with relating to a supervisor face to face, but most often by phone, chat or email. The supervisor will not live nearby once the SC arrives in the city he/she will reside in. A Rapid Advance SC needs to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING utilizing the training received. The Rapid Advance SC is not threatened by a 2-year window of opportunity to see reproducing churches, but is energized and impassioned by it. If the SC has a team then he must be able to give direction/vision to the team. Building consensus is often a useful quality. Team members need to be able to function as unifying and contributing members of the team fulfilling the roles expected of them on the team.



Are you called to join God's work among the unreached? There are many opportunties to be involved. Each team needs different people with their unique gifts. Here are a few ways people can be involved:

  • Evangelist
  • Business Specialist
  • Agriculture
  • Computer
  • Egineer
  • Prayerwalking
  • Medical
  • Secretary
If God leads you become involved with His work among the unreached, we would love to hear from you!

Acts 1:8
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