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Will you help send beautiful feet to the ends of the earth?

Are you excited about what God is doing among the unreached peoples of the world? Do you have a desire to be involved in bringing the gospel of peace to those who have not experienced it in their lives?

Has God called you to STAY? There are ways for you to be involved even from the home front.

Support teams are a necessity in everyone's life, including missionaries. They experience times of loneliness and discouragement. Would you like to have "beautiful feet"?

You can serve as a SENDER for the missionary of your choice through the Adopt a Missionary program of Global Tribes Outreach. A mission does not just focus on those who go. Paul wrote that SENDERS are necessary as well.

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray. Learn to know the prayer needs of your adopted missionary.
  2. Send boxes of goodies on special days and holidays or whenever you want.
  3. Send letters/emails of encouragement.
  4. You can also send financial support to the GTO office earmarked for your missionary.
  5. You can bless others because you are blessed!
  6. You can allow a missionary the freedom to be a peacemaker.
  7. Make at least a one year commitment.

    In a secular war, for every ONE person on the battle front, there are NINE others backing him up in the line of communication! Can we do better than this in a much greater battle?
  • "My adopted family is hugely supportive. From boxes to a magazine subscription, from emails to prayers, they are extremely encouraging. It means so much to me to have people like that who take the time to let me know M work is important to them. Everyone on the field needs an adopted family like this." -Arlin
  • "There is something extra special that comes in that package or letter saying that this is just for me...'because I care.' Knowing that was sent to encourage me and remind me; that someone is thinking about me and praying for me means a whole lot more than that person could ever imagine." - Cheryl
  • "I just arrived home from a couple of days in the jungle where I was meeting with some Karen people when I checked my mail box and found a package from my adopted family. I felt like a kid who was given a free pass to the cookie jar. It was a great reminder that people are thinking about me and that I am in their thoughts and prayers." -David
  • "Having someone 'adopt' me was so refreshing. Encouragement came at different times when I really felt I needed it...a verse, a poem; nothing demanding that I needed to feel responsible to reply to...just that love and caring support from another woman was a real ministry to me." - Amy
For more information please contact
Lynetta Schrock
5523 E 400 N
Kokomo, IN 46901
Phone: 765.628.2496
Email: senders@gtomail.org


Acts 1:8
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